Sam Betros, born October 1933, grew up in the poor suburbs of Redfern Sydney. His parents migrated from Lebanon to Australia in 1923 to start a new life. Sam became one of ten children in the family, four of whom survive today.

Sam's father, a Greco Roman Wrestler, was a hard working Tailor who succeeded in becoming a wealthy businessman. He became addicted to gambling and managed to lose the family fortune leaving them bankrupt and in massive debt.

As a young boy Sam was responsible for placing the bets for his father and as a result began a down hill slide into a life of gambling, addiction, crime and imprisonment. These became just some of the chains that bound his life for 43 year - both inside and outside of prison.

Sam, first arrested at the age of 16 for car theft, often had his sentences extended due to escapes and was released only to re-offend. Having served tens of years in countless prisons, where he became exposed to serious forms of abuse, he became a social isolate and was unable to function as a normal human being resulting in a divorce from his wife and little contact with his son.

Nothing short of an encounter with the living God and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, has left Sam completely set free from the chains that bound his life. He now lives a happy life free of his past. Most of his time is devoted to sharing his testimony of hope and deliverance to those who are still bound. He ministers in prisons regularly and is the Regional Director of Prison Fellowship, an International Prison Ministry. Sam also heads the local branch of Angel Tree Ministries, which sees presents supplied to the families of prisoners at Christmas. With over 2000 copies of his book already sold, he receives letters from inmates around Australia and the world, who have been impacted and encouraged through his testimony.