Picture of Sam Betros
Sam Betros

Sam Betros has turned a life of imprisonment and crime into a powerful testimony of forgiveness and deliverance.


For 43 years Sam was bound by the chains of gambling, depression, paranoid schizophrenia, anxiety, fear and occult practices - both inside and outside of prison.


Sam is now a Regional Director of Prison Fellowship Ministries and visits weekly with some of the most hardened criminals behind bars.  He shares his testimony and witnesses to the very hearts of societies perceived unreachable.

Broken Chains
Revised Edition

Full of incredible stories from inside numerous prison walls, Sam's book takes you on an amazing journey from bondage and imprisonment to freedom and deliverance.


Following a sell-out 2000 copies of Sam's self-published book, Broken Chains a revised edition is now being printed.


It features additional chapters, a personal letter from Sam and is available n a glossy hard cover.


“This powerful story will bring a stir of emotions and can be only described as more an experience than a read."