“Sam’s testimony is remarkable.  This man has a past that society despises, but his present life is one that others admire and applaud.  Such is the grace of God. Sam’s future is written in God’s book of life, in the company of thousands of souls who like Sam have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.”


- Ps. C. Fingleton

"This book sheds light into the depths of a prison cell, and into the deeper abyss of a lost human heart.  It takes you through the battle and on to freedom."

- W. Thornton

"Sam's lifestyle was one of crime, shame and pain.  He was a write-off for society but became a trophy of God's grace."

- K. Spackman

“With a legacy of addiction and gambling Sam slid into a life of crime at an early age.  After 43 years of addiction and recurrent imprisonment he was wrecked beyond repair.  Only the power of God has left him a free man without a shadow of the life that once was.”

– G Riverstone